Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things To Chow Down: Part 3

Again, we can't help ourselves. There's just so many food! Although sometimes it gets nauseating to eat some food over and over and over again, there are some that hit the right spot!

Burger Bench & Bar | Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

I ordered the Cheeseburger with Sundreied Tomato Relish. (7.80sgd) The burger patty was thick and juicy and the flavors are quite tasty!

High Society | Marina Sands

High Society is a fine dining restaurant serving up quality food paired up with wines, champagnes and cocktails. Aside from this, they also offer cupcakes and desserts!

After lunch, Ilene and I needed to satisfy that sweet craving. FYI Ilene doesn't like cold desserts that much i.e. Ice Cream so we ended up here!

Ilene ordered the Apple Caramel Cupcake. Check out that face. She wasn't that happy 'cause the cupcake was small and costs 6sgd. But I found the caramel popcorn topping cute!

I on the other hand was very happy with my order. For those who know me well enough, I can't live without sweets! After checking out the cupcake offerings, I felt I needed that Tiramisu fix! It's made with mascarpone cheese which made it very fluffy and light! Plus, there's a rice crispy coated with chocolate topping that gave the soft dessert that contrasting texture it needed! Yummy, but it's quite expensive - 8sgd!

Hairloom & Caramel - Salon, Cafe, Home | Beach Road

Hairloom & Caramel is a very unique shop. It's a salon and cafe in one. Ilene and I visited this place for the first time yesterday after passing by the shop weeks ago. Since we just wanted to sit back and relax, we came to the right place! We also stayed there for more than 2 hours!

The Ambiance:

Best example on how to achieve the perfect mismatched furnitures!

Their logo in a frame! Cute!
Calendar Pillows!

The textile of my wonderful UP chair. =)

Me + Up chair + Coffee table book

Ilene and her chair - which is too short to provide optimum back support. haha

The Food:

Iced coffee (4.5) for Ilene! With unique stirrer too!

I got the Flat White (Espresso with Milk) for 3.5sgd. Had to add my sugar, of course. That clear bottle is their sugar container - which looked dubious for Ilene haha

And I gotta have my cupcake! Ordered the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (3.5sgd)

Astons Express

Ilene and I have no clue which branch this is. But we know it's near La Salle School of the Arts. But we also tried their branch in Paya Lebar which we believe is better - bigger stall and cleaner! We were so hungry after walking around Bugis and getting lost. So when we saw this, we immediately decided to have dinner here. Afterall, we enjoyed their burgers the last time we visited.

Their burger menu. My 2nd time to order the Beefy Jack Burger.

Condiments. Obviously Chili Sauce won over the Ketchup. Eew.

Ilene got Grilled Fish with Herbs + 2 side dishes (Mashed potatoes and Onion Rings). This is very worth it for 6.5sgd.

As mentioned earlier, I got the Beefy Jack Burger 5.5sgd). This time in medium so it's a bit pinkish. Not so yummy when I tried it the 2nd time because the bun was still frozen on the sides. Yuck. We suggest you visit the Paya Lebar branch for a better experience.

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