Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Awfully Chocolate: Rich Chocolate Cupcake

Ilene and i visited the most unpopulated mall ever, Kallang Leisure Park, near Stadium MRT. We thought we wouldn't find anything great...BUT WE WERE WRONG!!!

Hello Awfully Chocolate! They sell wonderful chocolate creations from cakes, to ice cream, to truffles!!!

I happened to buy their Rich Chocolate Cupcake!!!

Chocolatey Goodness in a cup for 4.90SGD.

Close up!! OoooooohhhhhhhLaaaaallllaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Super worth it. Love love love! Must buy this when you're down or lonely 'cause it will definitely warm your heart =)

So the cupcake has lots of chocolate components. On the top is a chocolate mousse, that's the topping along the sides of the cupcake. Then on the center on top, there's a rich chocolate ganache! (drools) Under those two is of course the cake itself which is moist. And under the whole thing is the ganache again. I died....=)

Finished the whole thing. A good way to end the day of walking! Woot!!!

Ilene will try the White Chocolate on next time! Yay! Can't wait!

To know more about Awfully Chocolate, here's their website. Be sure to try it when you're in Singapore. Best one yet. =)


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