Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ox tongue and warm soy bean with Gor

I super love this breakfast combo.. it reminds me of hongkong especially that dimsum/congee/twisted doughnut/ox tongue store infront of World Trade but me and my sister went there to visit last October 2010 it was already closed huhu Im happy that it is available here!! yey! We both got the same thing!!
at 313 food republic
the combo at $2
"Paparazzi shot"
excited to eat
After a couple of minutes, we were surprised that Gor decided to drop by and visit us for mirienda.. we waited while she ordered her combo as well..
Gor Lim ordering
Gor was too buzy daw to eat with us so she decided to have it "take away" so I took a picture of her and Marie so we have proof that Gor is here with us!
Gor and Marie(with epal girl beside Gor)
I was hungry and decided to have an early dinner at a Korean stall (as recommended by Marie good job). I ordered my ever favorite Soon Doo Bu Chige Soup with Rice!! yummmm... Satisfied customer!
@ $5.80
It was around 5pm so there were students that were eating there, I spotted this group of international school students with their white polo and super short skirts. I noticed their was perfect!! We were inspired by their Singaporean eye make up sooo.. (will practice more..)
Marie in thick eyeliner but her tingsun is covering it
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (used also by Marie)

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