Friday, March 4, 2011

Things To Chow Down: Part 1

We have been here only for 4 days...BUT we have eaten a lot of sh*t! haha Hopefully all the walking will burn those extra calories!


The other day, I met up with Ilene along Orchard Road. Of course, while walking, I got distracted with the ice cream vendors. I bought the same one I had 2 years ago, Raspberry Swirl/Ripple in waffle for 1SGD. You can also chose to wrap it in bread (How Pinoy! haha)

AFTER (Of course I finished it all)

*TIP - EAT IT FAST. Weather here is too hot and humid for a casual stroll and eating this melty goodness.


According to Ilene, this is the Beard Papa version here. They have different flavors and they give out samples! I think we tried about 4 flavors. Haha Since I ate a lot of free stuff, I bought 2!

Cheddar Cheese and Blueberry 1.5SGD each!

*TIP - EAT IT AT ONCE!!! Unfortunately, I placed it in the fridge and when I ate it with Ampy the next day...It wasn't as wonderful as it was when I tasted it (Then again, maybe mas masarap kapag libre!)


We can't confirm if Jollibee owns this...haha They sell soybean drinks! Check out their handy-dandy carrier! =)

4 - HAWKER CENTER (Near Somerset)

Orchard Area is a posh place so we almost gave up hope in finding a Hawker Center. But thankfully we asked some reliable locals and we found this! Special thanks to Auntie for treating dinner =)

Ilene's mom noticed that everyone was buying from here, so good thing we bought food here!

Kway Teow. 5SGD. (Noodles like Pad Thai. This one had random ingredients - it had oysters and chorizo! WEIRD! But tastes yummy!)

*TIP - Buy the small size only especially when you are in a group and you plan to try a lot of dishes! When I went to Singapore with my Capri girls, we made a huge mistake of ordering all the big ones (My Bad haha).

Ilene is offering you guys some Pineapple Flied Lice haha Yummy but expensive - 12SGD

*TIP - According to Ilene, this is the yummy kind of curry. So for those who are into that, this is a must try!

Sting Ray (RIP Crocodile Hunter's murderer). 10SGD. Ilene enjoyed it as she is a fish lover. Her mom didn't like it because of it' smell Haha


CHENDOL 1.50SGD - they're version of halo-halo. If you love coconut milk, then this is heaven! It tastes weird, but I love it! It has black and red gulaman, corn, mongo and green strands of pandan jelly!

Chicken Rice. Bought the one with veggies for 5SGD. I've had better. They don't serve you the yummy ginger sauce!

*TIP - ALWAYS BRING TISSUE AND WATER. Water is expensive and they rarely give you tissue when you buy food.

Kung Pao Chicken. 4.5SGD. Not bad, but again, The General's Chicken in Recipes is WAY WAY BETTER!!!

*TIP - If you plan to save up, bring a lock&lock and keep half for later. They have BIG servings!

More days to come = More food trips!!!! Woot!


  1. takaw!! hehe kklnganin nyo nga un rubber shoes. btw was ilene able to buy one? hehe

  2. Yesss I need rubber shoes!! I saw meron Nike running shoes after discount php 2400 pwde na yun nh?

  3. OR I saw this Mary janes heels with black satin background with yellow pinks oranges small flowers all over only at Sgd 49!! Woot BUT no more size for me!! Huhu that or rubber shoes!?? Haha

  4. hahahahaha wala naman pa lang size...i say rubber shoes!!! let's jogging sunday am!!! game game????

  5. maliligo na pala ako ilene. i'll grab a bite in novena then i'll meet you na. text me where to meet you at 2:30pm =)

  6. Hahanapin ko size 9 nun dyan sa orchard!! Haha i don't have shoes yet! Wait let's jog when mom is not here na so next week I'm free.. To excercise hahaha let's meet in Clark quay:)

  7. shet it's raining...gah!!! i'll wait na mawala muna then i'll go meet you. ok??? Clark Quay it is. see you there before 3 siguro. I'm stuck here...and i'm hungry...walang lunch. shet.