Friday, March 25, 2011

Semla from Ikea

what is Cardamom? (from wikipedia and

Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance. Black cardamom has a distinctly more smoky, though not bitter, aroma with a coolness some consider similar to mint.

Cardamom spice is a highly aromatic spice which is most commonly used in Eastern, Arab, and some Scandinavian cuisines. Its unique slightly sweet and savory flavor allows it to be combined with both sweet and savory dishes. Cardamom seed's ability to enhance so many types of food is why it is combined with a wide range of other ingredients. From sea food to sauces, to meats, poultry, vegetables, and even desserts, pastries, and other baked goods.

what is Cardamom? (from ilene kho)
Horrible-worst spice

what is Cardamom? (from marie lee)
Horrible-worst spice also but i love it in my Fruit Loops!! 

Went to ikea to buy some stuff for the bed but we first decided to have some dessert.. the cakes looked yummy but normal so we decided to order something different thus our SEMLA
UGHHHHH.. its like ensaymada with almond custard and creme plus CARDAMOM in the bread


What is Semla? (from wikipedia)

The Swedish-Finnish semla consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off and insides scooped out, and is then filled with a mix of the scooped-out bread crumbs, milk and almond paste topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with powdered sugar. Today it is often eaten on its own, with coffee or tea. Some people still eat it in a bowl of hot milk. In Finland, the bun is sometimes filled with raspberry jam instead of almond paste, and bakeries in Finland usually offer both versions.


  1. WORST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! at least now we know...our usual saying after buying a lime...haha