Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singapore Coffees: Old Town White Coffee

After having my late lunch / early dinner in Square 2, i needed a hot drink to complete my meal. I always pass by Old Town White Coffee but I never went in. So today, I decided to give it a try.

I ordered their classic Old Town White Coffee (Hot) for 2.20sgd (add another 0.20 for service charge).

It was DIVINE!!! It has the same richness as the hot chocolate of Max Brenner but it's coffee. Best coffee I had in Singapore yet. It's very comforting and very very rich! You'll need a glass of water when you drink it!

But I still do love my regular coffee with condensed milk available in coffee stalls everywhere (photo below)

Perfect with soft boiled eggs (eggs are in the orange container - it's cooking in boiling water) and Kaya toast with butter! Awesome breakfast / afternoon snack! It won't cost you much, around 2.70sgd for the coffee + toasts + 2 eggs! Haha

Anyway, will blog about more coffee discoveries soon!!


  1. uyyy first time to see na "wait for your eggs to be boiled" hahaha.. ohhh white chocolate coffee baka bagay with my future white chocolate cupcake!

  2. the coffee was so yummy, taste like chocolate talaga, not fake. haha yes, white chocolate cupcake. woot!!!