Monday, March 14, 2011

Exploring Singapore: Lil India & Clark Quay

Today was such a random one. Went to different malls, walked in unknown streets, and ate unusual things!

Photo Diary of the day (in chronological order):

Late lunch at Long John Silvers. Failed attempt in looking for a food court near City Hall. Since we were dying of hunger, we settled for this. Ordered Grilled Cajun Chicken with rice, fries and a flat bread. 6.70SGD.

Random culture thing inside the mall. Making clothes out of worms!!!!

Boiling the worms which gives off thread? Confusing process.

The worms in the pink container are the next ones to be boiled. Then the ones in the blue container are dead worms, stripped off of their outer material which becomes thread. Random shit in the mall!

We then took a bus to Little India. Ate at Kamala Villas. Looks like a Karinderia but was packed with people. I ordered Baturra. It comes with Chick Peas and Potatoes.

Ilene and her Chapati. Ordered the wrong thing, she actually wanted the Roti. But due to the communication barrier, this is what she "ordered". haha

Me and my fake happiness with the meal. We used our hands since everyone was using theirs. FYI, their fingers are color yellow because of the curry they touch every meal.

Ilene with her fake smile. Although she enjoyed some of the weird dips. We sat beside a friendly SG "citizen who got us the chicken curry dip from the waiter.

What we ate.

After eating, we decided to walk around the place. Didn't see much, stalls were closed for cleaning. While walking around the residential areas, this is what we saw on the ground.

Snickers!!! Haha But we didn't pick it up. (Defensive!)

We then realized we are not getting anywhere so we took the bus again and got down in Boat Quay. Walked to Clark Quay area, and to Central Mall. Was supposed to buy drinks because Ilene was so thirsty, but we got distracted by this candy store!

Sticky! They make candies in front of you!

Rolling out a giant candy. They're making an orange design!


All rolled out!

They give out free samples! I got the I Love You one. Quite tasty! =) Maybe because it's free!

Heart design at 2.90sgd.

Smiley design!

Random Pet Store. Hamsters!!! I used to have 40 plus hamsters at home. Haha Cute. But according to Ilene, they're ugly.

Big ass bunny.

Went inside the mall's grocery. Bought myself some bananas and lettuce. Trying to add fruits and veggies to my very unhealthy diet here.

San Mig Light..Mahal. 3.90sgd per bottle! We decided to buy beer and drink it along the Clark Quay river. Bought the Anchor brand. Unknown to us, but that's the cheapest one at 2.80sgd per can.

Me and my Anchor Beer.

Anchor Beer and Ilene.

Then we just went around to check out the bars. We saw this smart smart idea for a vending machine!!

Rollies Ballet Flats!!!! After a night of partying with your heels, when your feet are dead and you don't care about your outfit being ruined, just get your comfy flats here for 20sgd!!!

Walked back to the MRT and we separated ways! Very interesting day / night!


  1. OMG sobrang nde ako photogenic! siopao kung siopao!! dont put a red bindi on me or else... bola bola na ito!! haha amazed by the vendo shoes tlga!! ang galing must propose this to some businessman in the philippines small return on investment lang nga though..

  2. super nice idea. patok yun shoes near the clubs. haha kasi nga, madilim kaya mukha tayong deformed sa pics. go use the lashes soon! woot =)

  3. why does the big ass bunny look dead?