Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I heart mint chocolates

Everyone who knows me well enough knows that I love mint chocolate aside from choco-orange and dark choco..

So went to Raffles City yesterday and passed by the Hershey's Chocolate store. It was huge but I was not so impressed on the selection. Only the usual Hershey bars, Reese's, Kisses and another favorite of mine Mr. Goodbar! (I have 3 giant bars left at home no one will eat that)

I was not familiar with this brand.. But since its mint i wanted to buy it but.. its $2 per pc! expensive!!
York Peppermint Pattie
But to my surprise they had a promo for York PP.. $1.50 for 6 patties (I knew something was up) So i had to check the best before date.. April 30 2011 so that a month and a half to go.. I was confident that I will be able to finish this

April 30, 2011

So i bought not just one set but two!! so i had a total of 12 patties!! but 3 were already gone hehe (proves that April 30 wouldnt be a problem)

9 left..
Here's a close up photo of how the pattie looks like.. Thin dark chocolate covering and very thick mint filling
Yummy pattie
The good news is...
140  calories and 25 calories from fat
One pattie can be consumed for the whole day already! usually when I eat mint chocolate I dont crave to eat some more as compared to eating Mr. Goodbar or any white chocolate. This one pattie can be my dessert for breakfast lunch and dinner! Or can be a substitute for brushing the teeth! hahaha (joke)
marie lee even bought one for herself (she hates mint chocolate) But we agreed that this was a very good buy!!

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  1. ya, napilitan lang ako kasi mura. haven't eaten mine yet! you ate 2 na after we ate the first one? hahaha mint and chocolate is such an acquired taste...eeeww.