Sunday, March 13, 2011

Furniture from Ikea

I took pictures of our future furnitures!! Where else but in  Ikea as usual!

we already pre-chose our stuff for our future pad next time!

Marie Lee's closet

Marie Lee's cabinet

Marie Lee's leaf bed!!

Ilene's closet (for sharing)

Ilene's cabinet
Ilene's Moroccan inspired bed
Marie!! our bedroom idea but not the right furniture though..same concept
 2012 bring it on!!


  1. Hahaha i want some white furnitures too...shabby chic! and tela on the top of my bed. haha woot!!! same concept it is! sana may space haha

  2. yes yours is the shabby chic mine is the dark wood!! haha same concept but too much space in the middle eh!! cge i will add more pictures!!

  3. ya, hindi ganyan kalaki ang kwarto! hahaha shet, ipon time!!!