Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Unnamed Mr. Taxi Driver

It's 2:25am. But I just have to blog about this. I had my share of creepy-scary-gross-stinky-conniving-fast running meter-won't accept route to Binondo type of cab drivers in Manila. Though I can't remember all of what we talked about, I'll try my best to explain my adoration for Unnamed Mr. Taxi Driver.

I had dinner and drinks with Moch, Bocx, Lace and Toph (First visitors FTW!) in Clark Quay til 2am. MRT was closed so no choice but to take a cab. Can I just say, I am so damn lucky to get this cab driver!!!!

Sadly I didn't get his name (He might get weirded out)...But man oh man, he's nice and smart! First of all, it is rare to find someone who's friendly here. He welcomed me to Singapore since I said I've only been here for 4 days. Of course he said he's proud of the fact that Singapore is a very safe country. Not like in other countries, ladies won't feel at ease "commuting" alone at this hour. He also said I'd like it here and I can treat it as my 2nd home which was comforting to hear. I then shared my comment regarding how Singaporeans seem so quiet and snobbish - unlike us Filipinos who love to laugh a lot. He then gave me his perspective on how people are very different because of the country they live in.

For example, the people from China who are here in Singapore are very noisy people and they speak so loud even if they're just inches apart. Because of this, Singaporeans look down upon them (The Chinese are sometimes mistaken as Singaporeans and their boisterousness gives them a bad reputation). Unnamed Mr. Taxi Driver explained that that's because in China, there are lots of people and you really have to talk loud so that you'll be heard. And since they got used to that culture, here, they don't realize how noisy they are in public. However, Singapore's environment is the opposite. It's very organized and is not experiencing overpopulation (Very far from it!). So that's why they are "humble" people according to him. They don't talk too much and are more reserved.

But he said it's okay to talk loud in open places like the park...and it's okay to laugh. Then, Mr. Taxi Driver and I made laughter our next topic. He gives this speech about how laughing is good for your health and it has been proven in research. And it's the good kind of expression.

Time went by fast and finally I'm home. He welcomed me again and I said thank you to him for the nth time.

I KNOW I MIGHT BE OVERREACTING TO THIS CONVERSATION. But how often can one say that he or she had this kind of discourse with a cab driver???? hahaha What he shared wasn't a revelation or something groundbreaking...but it's really nice to have an intellectual conversation with a random stranger who has no intention of bringing you to a dark alley and mugging you!!

I'm just thankful Singapore is a safe place to be...and that it has Unnamed Mr. Taxi Driver who's so damn amazing!


  1. I love Unamed Mr Taxi Driver!! I hope all of them are like that!! Shet sa intellectual analysis of the volume of voices between Chinese from china and Singaporeans haha ok noted Unamed Mr Taxi Driver on the loud talking and laughs in open areas!! Hahaha

  2. whahahaha at least he ws honest in saying na maaannoy sila satin if we're noisy in closed areas! hahaha won't go cycling and clubbing later, i have cough na. but bernz said pancakes tayo for dinner mamaya! il see you there! =)

  3. the drivers here are so smart! they can even talk about the market situation and offer advice on which stocks to buy, etc.

    i remember taking a cab once where the driver has even traveled around the world.

  4. amazing! couldn't wait to talk to one of them again =)