Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gaga Over Burger King

After 10 days in Singapore...I'm already puking in my mind if I eat asado rice again. Must have western fooooooddddd ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Ilene stayed over last night after a day (or 20mins) of jogging and swimming. Had the leftovers from dinner for breakfast (Tori Q - yakitori's and rice) then we attempted to watch When Harry Met Sally livestream from the net. But we felt the hunger after 2 hours of lying down on the couch. Haha We searched the net which burger joint we can visit for lunch. Considering the price and distance of the place, Burger King was our best choice!

We didn't even change our clothes (except for Ilene's top). Too excited for BK!!!!

Our outfit. PAJAMAS!!!! hahaha

Elevator Photo.
Got too distracted with taking photos...Forgot to lock the door!!!!

After locking the door...Back to the BK rush!!!

Ilene walking uphill.
Me too.
Even took the underpass to avoid waiting for the stoplight. So hungry...

Finally we reached BK...BUT HOLY SH*T!!!!! Today, apparently, was the $1 Burger King Promo.
See the paper this guy is holding? If you show this to the counter, you get a Chicken Sandwich for only 1SGD. And this ain't a good thing for us. Not only don't we have the coupon, Ilene and I just witnessed the longest line ever in a fastfood chain!!!!!!

Since we are craving for Burgers, we waited in line for more than 30minutes. =(

But it was worth it!!!! Wooohhoooooooooooooo!!!!

Me and my Whopper Jr. Meal.
Ilene had the same thing! Happy!!!!!!!!

Welcoming calories with open arms!!! =) 5.25SGD!
Ilene wanted a thicker patty! Next time when we have more money. Haha
Why is Ilene so happy? See the guy who's blurred in the background wearing white? That's her future hubby!!! Hahahaha

Walked home with our friendship umbrellas with satisfied tummies!!!! =)

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