Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ikea Experience

I heart Ikea! We heart Ikea

Why we heart Ikea (Aside from its mechandise):

1. Trolleys
         a.Shopping Trolleys

Park while you eat

           b. tray trolleys

tray trolley

Marie and her trolley not her brolley! haha

2. Baggage lockers
Lucky SGD 1 :)

3.Food ($12 total not bad!!)

Meatballs and potatoes, Wings, Bread & Butter, Weird Cherry dessert

4. Bibs
Marie and her bib
Me and my bib

Cant wait to go back and really buy furnitures!! Black/dark wood for me and white/shabby chic/kiddie for marie!!


  1. shabby chic babeh!!!! can't wait to buy lamps of our own, and our wonderful bedroom idea!!! oh my god...i'm getting the shivers!!!