Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cookie Museum

We were supposed to enrich our minds with the cultural and artsy stuff from the Red Dot Museum or other prospect museums but we ended up satisfying our hunger for dessert only but still from a museum.. The Cookie Museum. It is located at the Esplanade Mall near where the Merlion is supposed to be but its already hidden in a hotel boo!! Thats another story.. Back to this museum..
Marie and I were passing by and we saw this plate of cookies for free taste! (our weakness) so we took one cookie each and a kind and friendly lady approached us and began talking about the origins of the cookie and asked us to come in and have a look and the rest is history.

From the outside
The place had a Victorian style/ Baroque feel so we took our seats and checked out the cool menu (I will attach a link to their website so you can see the menu as menu!
Marie and the menu
I took pictures of how the museum/tea and cookie shop looked like..
Matching but mismatched chairs
The Butt

There were a lot of special cookies for us to try.. for free!
They had over 400 flavors ever since they started 7 years ago but we just tried their best sellers:
1. Nasi Lemak- surprisingly good!! Nice pasalubong
2.Chicken Rice- comes with chili sauce
3. Watermelon (both chunky and wo chunks) - we both like the chunky one while i like both
4. Berry Lite - Marie likes this
5. Madeleine Rose - I like this
6. Arabian Mint - typical mint cookie
The staff explained that these were a very popular choice among the tourists, endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board as one of Singapore best souvenir gifts.

The wall of $40 cookie tins
Maryjane aka Barbara suggested that we try their best seller cake which is the Baileys Irish Cream Cake and so we did and it was really yummy..moist and sweet!
@ $26.48 (tax inclusive)
We also ordered on order of tea each. Royal Apple Waltz of Marie and Antoinette's Delight (English Tea) for me. Before choosing the right tea, we had to try smell first which type of tea we want so we ended up with what I had mentioned.
Baileys, Tea or Marie?

Baileys, Tea or Me?
They had provided tea strainers as well
T strainers
Marie and her apple T @ $14.12
Me and my english T with milk and sugar @$14.12

So we took our time eating and listening to the adventures and travels of the Tea/Cookie specialists. Barbara had the pleasure of going to Venice to buy some of the masks on display here (no photo available), she told us that she even had to hand carry these because they are very fragile. She went to other parts of Europe just to buy different tea sets.! Cool job!!
We even over heard another Tea/Cookie Specialist that she went to Germany to visit a chocolate factory!! woot!! perks of her job!
All done!
The bill! (must come back for the promo)
Marie Lee @ Cookie Museum

Ilene Kho @ Cookie Museum

Fun and inspiring tea time at the Cookie Museum with Marie Lee
Here's their website!

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  1. oh barbara...hahahahaha shet, sampal sa mukha ung bill. nyahahahaha but im happy, exp with the cake...oh my...i want cake now...