Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to throw a bachelorette party

crazy siblings doing crazy things :)

Big sis, Em, is getting married this Sunday! Quite crazy. I still feel like we're little girls. :")

Anyway, as the maid of honor, I wanted to throw her a great bachelorette party that she will never forget! Pressure.

When she told us she got engaged, I already knew we need to have this party like what you see in movies - with strippers of course! So I had to bring in my mom. And all my other siblings plus her fiance, mark, to sort this out Haha

Here's what we did to achieve the most awesome party:

1) Booked my flight so I arrive Saturday morning of the party. Em didn't know I'm coming home that day so that's also a surprise for her :) told her I'm arriving sunday. Haha

Had a send off dinner form my ladies, Bernice and Ilene.
Told all my friends they can't post in fb that i'm arriving on Saturday.

2) Got the location covered. Rented a hotel room of dad's friend. Had a birthday party here once, you can make noise all night so that's a plus.

3) Shopped for Em's night outfit. Had to get her something sexy. So shopped for a LBD with Bernice in sg. Got her a pink feather boa too! Thanks to B for fitting the dress.

Little Black Dress + Tiara + Wand + hot pink boa

4) Booze and food. Did groceries with Di and Chi. Bought lots of alcohol to get her drunk. Plus your usual party chips + pizza for dinner.

pizza. easiest way to feed a hungry crowd.
you can never go wrong with alcohol.

5) Party props. Had a panic shopping mode with brother and sister. Thankfully we found what we needed. Tiara and wand for em. Kinky party hats for the guests. And fireman's hat for the strippers.

our documentation team with the hats!
6) Guests. Mark got involved to spy on Em's phone to get phone numbers of her friends. Thanks to ma for confirming them. Since I will unlikely have a bachelorette party as I am doomed to be single forever, had to invite my friends as well. Haha

Em's friends are here!
7) Games. While having a random dinner with my colleague, Kezia, we started to brainstorm on the games. Landed on this site which gave me the ideas.


Getting her outfit came from the site. Outfit in a box FTW. Weee!!!
8) Strippers. Had a panic episode here too. When mom picked me up from the airport, we still don't have confirmed strippers. I wanted to die. We need naked men for this to be an official bachelorette party! But thank god, in the end we got them. We even had 3. Haha for only 8k pesos. Hahahaha

Applause for mom for getting 3!!! Haha

9) Last but not the least, how to bring Em to the venue. Quite a last minute excuse we made. Mark told Em that they will have their last single dinner date and she has to be in blindfold. Everything went smoothly :)

They're finally here. Em in blindfold.
In the lift. They're so sweet. I want to die haha


So happy she was surprised. Very fulfilling to see how my sister was that night :) she deserves it!!

Anyway so she opened her outfit box and wore what we got her. She looks so cute with the props!

Played the first game. Guess who gave you that present. Em's friends got the wrong memo. Mom told them to bring gifts that expresses who they are. I only knew this when em opened a nose plug - from her swimmer friend. Hahahaha my friends got the right memo. Props to moch who gave her a mrs. Officer costume and to Ching who gave her whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Haha I gave her weird shaped condoms which I bought from a sex toy shop in sg.

Mrs. Officer outfit complete with cuffs haha

cream + chocolate. kinky.

Nose plugs. Em's friends got the wrong memo *face palm*

A bag from the minor. Wrong memo as well...

got her weird-shaped condoms haha
Second game is guess what you're eating, drinking or who's hugging you. This was supposed to be the last game. But bec the strippers were already waiting, had to move this forward. So Em had to be blindfolded and guess whatever we feed her. Chocolates, baby food, red bull, donuts, etc etc. Ran out of stuff to feed her bec strippers were getting ready. Then it's time to guess who is hugging her. After some friends, the last one who hugged her was the stripper!! Hahaha took off her blindfold and all the nakedness happened.

Hug from a real friend.

Guess who? Hahahaha

Let the stripping begin!

One went all the way. I didn't see much though. We turned off almost all the lights. Funny funny funny!!!! They started to perform around 9pm. And by 10pm we don't know what to do with them anymore. Since we had them til 12, we had to be resourceful. Did body shots on them with whipped cream. They sandwiched almost every guest. And we dressed them in toilet paper to see who can have the best looking wedding gown. Hahaha

Em is harassed haha

whipped cream body shots hihihi

One even lost his toilet paper wedding dress!

Around 11pm we gave up and asked them to leave. Played the supposed to be second game which was how well does Em know Mark. We gave a list of questions which Mark answered in advance and Em had to guess them. :)

Em answered most of them! Good job!!

Think everyone had a great time but more importantly, my sister super enjoyed that night. SUCCESS!!! we deserve a medal.

Mandatory group shot!

I love you my dear sister!!! :)

til the next party planning,
Queen Marie

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Search for the best Chirashidon

Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司, "scattered sushi") is a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi and garnishes. There is no set formula for the ingredients; they are either chef's choice or specified by the customer. It is commonly eaten because it is filling, fast and easy to make. Chirashizushi often varies regionally. (got this from Wiki)

I like to try different kinds of sashimi thus the chirashi don works well for me. I will be listing down some of the ones i tried for the past month. (in no particular order)

1. Omakase at Greenhills- Php 330 Sgd 10
After my usual Ton Ton's Annapolis massage last week, my dad, sister and I decided to have an early dinner in Greenhills. Aside from the chirashi don we also ordered 3 kinds of sushi: Dynamite roll, American dream and Black angel. The sashimi were okay for me it has a generous amount of uni which is a plus for us. I give this 3 stars out of 5.

Chirashi don

2. Ginza Kuroson at Roberston Quay- Sgd 23.30 (tax included)
 Wanted to explore more of Robertson Quay since it will be our future home (right M and B?). I saw some great reviews about the Chirashi don at Ginza Kuroson so I gave it a try. I was served with salad with super yummy dressing together with miso soup. Then came my bowl which was filled with different kinds of seafood which i dont know what are the names are but it all tasted really good to the point that I dont have to dip them in the soy sauce and wasabi. The dessert was some kind of blueberry pudding which was divine.This set is only available during lunch. I will give this a 4.5 out of 5.

Fisherman's Nagekomi Don $20 with salad, soup and dessert


 Visit them on their website for more details


30 Robertson Quay #01-10/11
Riverside View Singapore 238251

TEL:(65)6737 5547

3.Yakitori Emmaru at Ion

I was in Ion doing some last minute shopping for my brother who wanted some Nespresso capsules. I was looking for anything Japanese so i ended up at Yakitori Emmaru which from its name suggests that it is a Yakitori place. They did not have the Chirashi don so i opted for this dish that is quite close to what I was craving for. The salmon sashimi was really fresh and so was the uni sushi (the best i tasted so far) it melts in your mouth.I will give the salmon/roe don a 4 out of 5.Sgd 21.30 

Salmon sashimi with salmon roe @ $21.20

Uni sushi @ $11 each

4.Sangokai at Beach Road
It was our TGEF (thank god its early friday) so my colleagues and I decided to have dinner first before going to Attica. I love their version since it included 2 kinds of tuna: the normal maguro and yellow fin tuna, squid, shrimp and salmon. I will give this one 3.5 stars out of 5.

Chirashi don @ $19.90
 Visit them on their website for more details

327, Beach Road,
Singapore 199560.
(Opposite Concourse Skyline)
tel : 63967009
Fax : 63967010

Operation Hours:
Mon - Sat 11:30am – 2:30pm; 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Closed on every Sun and Half day afternoon of Public Holiday

Central Branch:
203, Upper Thomson Road
(3 mins walk from Long House Hawker centre)
tel : 62517009
Fax : 62517023
Email : ask@sangokai.com.sg

Operation Hours:
Tue – Sun :12: 00pm - 3pm; 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on every Mon.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Men and the City

At some point in every girl's life, we meet guys, go out on a few dates and while some dates turn into serious relationships, most other dates give us a glimpse of different personalities (read: psychopaths). In order to help some of you girls out there who may have difficulties reading men, I will attempt to share my dating experience by classifying them into categories. Take note that these categories are non-exhaustive simply because each guy is unique in his own way and that there is no way I can cover the entire male population just by boxing them into certain types. However, here are some of the more common types that I've encountered so far:

1. The Player - lots of money and lots of women. This guy will call you at a specific time every day but you almost always could not get him when you call and he does all the calling because of only one reason-- he is using a secondary number to call you. He will only ask you out on certain days of the week all the time, much like your ice cream bar's 'flavor of the day'. And when you're out in public with him, he seems distracted and always checking out other people, afraid that someone might recognize him.

Girls, I cannot stress enough on how dangerous this guy is. He is the perfect recipe for heartbreak and disillusionment, so run towards the opposite direction, far far away from him. Run as fast as you can because his good looks and suave nature will be your downfall.


2. The Booty Call - this one's less sly than The Player and he makes no attempt at hiding his real intentions, which is, duh, sex. Some, out of politeness will ask you how your day went, blah blah but his real question always goes along the lines of 'what are you doing tonight' at 9:30pm on a Sunday night. He is also MIA from your life except when he needs you.

The Booty Call guy can come in different shapes and sizes, he is not a bad guy, nor is he a good one. He just likes having fun and if you have the same expectations, then it is totally fine. But be careful not to get emotionally attached with this one because once guys have placed you in the 'bed zone', you will find it almost impossible to get to the 'serious relationship zone', if that is what you're looking for.

3. Houdini - intense first date, followed by a second, third and fourth date. You are on cloud nine because you think that you've finally found someone whom you can connect with on all levels. Then he disappears into thin air without a word or warning.

Don't go looking for him because he will be untraceable. You will start to question yourself on why things have gone wrong and even blame yourself while you rewind every single thing that you could have said or done to make him disappear just like he did. Guess what? It's him, not you. A decent, mature guy will always give you closure even if he has to be the bad guy by doing so. Houdini is not even worth a second chance if he does return from the dead.

4. The Multiple Identity Disorder (MID) - one minute he's John and the next, he's Andy. This guy has serious identity issues and his mood can swing from ecstatic to depressed within a few minutes. Ultimately confused with his life and where you fit in, he may even be dating other girls behind your back and blame you and your lack of attention for him in order to justify his behavior. He is totally unpredictable, not to mention dangerous because his erratic mental condition is infectious.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your days in self pity or you are a really good shrink, avoid this guy at all cost. MID guys can even be a combination of The Player, The Booty Call and Houdini, or anyone else. You will never know what is up with this guy because he can change into anyone, really.


5. The Keeper - as the name suggests, he is one for the books. The One. The perfect guy. His type is so elusive and hard to come by that they're almost mythical. But until you've found him, and the feeling goes both ways, keep dating. Not because you want to find him, but also because we all have to go through growing pains in life that shape us into better individuals.


Bangkok: Where Street Food Beats Them All!

Been a loooooong time since I made an entry. For all 4 of us actually.

Since a good paddler friend of ours mentioned randomly today that she came across our blog, guess it was a sign to start this again :) So good job to me and B, and boo to Ilene and Gor.

Thinking about the million interesting things that happened over the past 6 months, and i guess one of them is Bangkok.

Went there twice in a month, one for work and the other one was for fun.


First trip ever since I joined my ad agency. Not too hectic, just an overnight thing to meet clients. But the awesome thing here is that I was able to meet up with my mom who was also there randomly for a vacation. :)

Hi Maaaaa!!!!! :)

We had 2.5 hours together - her friends dropped her off to my hotel, and we did an amazing race type of thing. Walked the whole street where Pan Pacific is and tried all the street food we found interesting.

Grilled bananas with sweet syrup

The most awesome Basmati rice ever! ate it as it is with just some thai sauce. chills...

Drinks by the street. Got iced coffee and mom got fresh lime juice.

Wasn't able to try this - don't even know what type of meat he is grilling but it 's huge!!!

Bought 6 pairs of shoes in 15min. Panic mode haha

After 1 hour of non-stop eating, we just saw a bazaar and shopped for a bit, then went back to my hotel. Mom had her usual random naps while I worked for a bit, then I had to say goodbye since I need to head off to another meeting. Bitter Sweet random meet up. But was very much thankful to see her even for a few hours :)


2nd random trip with Bernice and Ilene. We usually learn about long weekends just weeks before so again, another unplanned adventure with the girls. Our last Jakarta trip was all over the place so this time, we came prepared. Even made a PPT with all the places to visit, food to try and the best shopping places.

Mandatory group shot before the flight

Going back to our food trip, we all agree that the best Thai food we had was on the streets!!! Cheap, not sure if super clean, but man was it amazing!!! We were also very tired from walking and shopping and also hungry when we ate here - but really, these didn't affect our judgement at all!

Crepe thing with cotton candy thing (Bernice's recommendation); the most awesome sticky rice and mango; the most awesome phad thai I tried! Wasn't in our PPT to try this street stall, but I guess the best things happen by accident. :)

Ilene's quail eggs. Just interesting that they sell it sunny side up style there, but not something I would buy or eat. I just tried one, can't believe these 2 ladies ate more- getting a headache just talking about this. 

Other photos are in my camera, but too lazy to get from there.

We also visited Wine Republic, suggested by my boss. Awesome place. Very chill, good vibes, good music, nice crowd. Met Oliver there too. :)

In case you want to try it.

Cheers! Rose for all of us :)

Another interesting restaurant we visited is Cabbages and Condoms. Cool concept - Thai restaurant that promotes safe sex.

Thai Iced Tea - still don't love it as much as Ilene does.

Traditional Thai appetizer - very weird really. Some kind of leaf, where you have coconut, peanuts and other veggies inside. Taste grows on you though (I am only saying this because I suggested this dish and the 2 girls hated it haha) 

From top center: Red curry, Pandan Chicken, Black and white rice, and Phad Thai hidden in an egg wrapper. Not as awesome as the street ones we tried but was okay.
Got some condoms too of course. They don't have mints, so they give you this instead ;)

So much more to say about Bangkok. I had so much fun exploring this place especially with my bestest friends. Super crazy adventures, sometimes scary even. Good job girls. 'Til the next one :)