Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bangkok: Where Street Food Beats Them All!

Been a loooooong time since I made an entry. For all 4 of us actually.

Since a good paddler friend of ours mentioned randomly today that she came across our blog, guess it was a sign to start this again :) So good job to me and B, and boo to Ilene and Gor.

Thinking about the million interesting things that happened over the past 6 months, and i guess one of them is Bangkok.

Went there twice in a month, one for work and the other one was for fun.


First trip ever since I joined my ad agency. Not too hectic, just an overnight thing to meet clients. But the awesome thing here is that I was able to meet up with my mom who was also there randomly for a vacation. :)

Hi Maaaaa!!!!! :)

We had 2.5 hours together - her friends dropped her off to my hotel, and we did an amazing race type of thing. Walked the whole street where Pan Pacific is and tried all the street food we found interesting.

Grilled bananas with sweet syrup

The most awesome Basmati rice ever! ate it as it is with just some thai sauce. chills...

Drinks by the street. Got iced coffee and mom got fresh lime juice.

Wasn't able to try this - don't even know what type of meat he is grilling but it 's huge!!!

Bought 6 pairs of shoes in 15min. Panic mode haha

After 1 hour of non-stop eating, we just saw a bazaar and shopped for a bit, then went back to my hotel. Mom had her usual random naps while I worked for a bit, then I had to say goodbye since I need to head off to another meeting. Bitter Sweet random meet up. But was very much thankful to see her even for a few hours :)


2nd random trip with Bernice and Ilene. We usually learn about long weekends just weeks before so again, another unplanned adventure with the girls. Our last Jakarta trip was all over the place so this time, we came prepared. Even made a PPT with all the places to visit, food to try and the best shopping places.

Mandatory group shot before the flight

Going back to our food trip, we all agree that the best Thai food we had was on the streets!!! Cheap, not sure if super clean, but man was it amazing!!! We were also very tired from walking and shopping and also hungry when we ate here - but really, these didn't affect our judgement at all!

Crepe thing with cotton candy thing (Bernice's recommendation); the most awesome sticky rice and mango; the most awesome phad thai I tried! Wasn't in our PPT to try this street stall, but I guess the best things happen by accident. :)

Ilene's quail eggs. Just interesting that they sell it sunny side up style there, but not something I would buy or eat. I just tried one, can't believe these 2 ladies ate more- getting a headache just talking about this. 

Other photos are in my camera, but too lazy to get from there.

We also visited Wine Republic, suggested by my boss. Awesome place. Very chill, good vibes, good music, nice crowd. Met Oliver there too. :)

In case you want to try it.

Cheers! Rose for all of us :)

Another interesting restaurant we visited is Cabbages and Condoms. Cool concept - Thai restaurant that promotes safe sex.

Thai Iced Tea - still don't love it as much as Ilene does.

Traditional Thai appetizer - very weird really. Some kind of leaf, where you have coconut, peanuts and other veggies inside. Taste grows on you though (I am only saying this because I suggested this dish and the 2 girls hated it haha) 

From top center: Red curry, Pandan Chicken, Black and white rice, and Phad Thai hidden in an egg wrapper. Not as awesome as the street ones we tried but was okay.
Got some condoms too of course. They don't have mints, so they give you this instead ;)

So much more to say about Bangkok. I had so much fun exploring this place especially with my bestest friends. Super crazy adventures, sometimes scary even. Good job girls. 'Til the next one :)

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