Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to throw a bachelorette party

crazy siblings doing crazy things :)

Big sis, Em, is getting married this Sunday! Quite crazy. I still feel like we're little girls. :")

Anyway, as the maid of honor, I wanted to throw her a great bachelorette party that she will never forget! Pressure.

When she told us she got engaged, I already knew we need to have this party like what you see in movies - with strippers of course! So I had to bring in my mom. And all my other siblings plus her fiance, mark, to sort this out Haha

Here's what we did to achieve the most awesome party:

1) Booked my flight so I arrive Saturday morning of the party. Em didn't know I'm coming home that day so that's also a surprise for her :) told her I'm arriving sunday. Haha

Had a send off dinner form my ladies, Bernice and Ilene.
Told all my friends they can't post in fb that i'm arriving on Saturday.

2) Got the location covered. Rented a hotel room of dad's friend. Had a birthday party here once, you can make noise all night so that's a plus.

3) Shopped for Em's night outfit. Had to get her something sexy. So shopped for a LBD with Bernice in sg. Got her a pink feather boa too! Thanks to B for fitting the dress.

Little Black Dress + Tiara + Wand + hot pink boa

4) Booze and food. Did groceries with Di and Chi. Bought lots of alcohol to get her drunk. Plus your usual party chips + pizza for dinner.

pizza. easiest way to feed a hungry crowd.
you can never go wrong with alcohol.

5) Party props. Had a panic shopping mode with brother and sister. Thankfully we found what we needed. Tiara and wand for em. Kinky party hats for the guests. And fireman's hat for the strippers.

our documentation team with the hats!
6) Guests. Mark got involved to spy on Em's phone to get phone numbers of her friends. Thanks to ma for confirming them. Since I will unlikely have a bachelorette party as I am doomed to be single forever, had to invite my friends as well. Haha

Em's friends are here!
7) Games. While having a random dinner with my colleague, Kezia, we started to brainstorm on the games. Landed on this site which gave me the ideas.


Getting her outfit came from the site. Outfit in a box FTW. Weee!!!
8) Strippers. Had a panic episode here too. When mom picked me up from the airport, we still don't have confirmed strippers. I wanted to die. We need naked men for this to be an official bachelorette party! But thank god, in the end we got them. We even had 3. Haha for only 8k pesos. Hahahaha

Applause for mom for getting 3!!! Haha

9) Last but not the least, how to bring Em to the venue. Quite a last minute excuse we made. Mark told Em that they will have their last single dinner date and she has to be in blindfold. Everything went smoothly :)

They're finally here. Em in blindfold.
In the lift. They're so sweet. I want to die haha


So happy she was surprised. Very fulfilling to see how my sister was that night :) she deserves it!!

Anyway so she opened her outfit box and wore what we got her. She looks so cute with the props!

Played the first game. Guess who gave you that present. Em's friends got the wrong memo. Mom told them to bring gifts that expresses who they are. I only knew this when em opened a nose plug - from her swimmer friend. Hahahaha my friends got the right memo. Props to moch who gave her a mrs. Officer costume and to Ching who gave her whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Haha I gave her weird shaped condoms which I bought from a sex toy shop in sg.

Mrs. Officer outfit complete with cuffs haha

cream + chocolate. kinky.

Nose plugs. Em's friends got the wrong memo *face palm*

A bag from the minor. Wrong memo as well...

got her weird-shaped condoms haha
Second game is guess what you're eating, drinking or who's hugging you. This was supposed to be the last game. But bec the strippers were already waiting, had to move this forward. So Em had to be blindfolded and guess whatever we feed her. Chocolates, baby food, red bull, donuts, etc etc. Ran out of stuff to feed her bec strippers were getting ready. Then it's time to guess who is hugging her. After some friends, the last one who hugged her was the stripper!! Hahaha took off her blindfold and all the nakedness happened.

Hug from a real friend.

Guess who? Hahahaha

Let the stripping begin!

One went all the way. I didn't see much though. We turned off almost all the lights. Funny funny funny!!!! They started to perform around 9pm. And by 10pm we don't know what to do with them anymore. Since we had them til 12, we had to be resourceful. Did body shots on them with whipped cream. They sandwiched almost every guest. And we dressed them in toilet paper to see who can have the best looking wedding gown. Hahaha

Em is harassed haha

whipped cream body shots hihihi

One even lost his toilet paper wedding dress!

Around 11pm we gave up and asked them to leave. Played the supposed to be second game which was how well does Em know Mark. We gave a list of questions which Mark answered in advance and Em had to guess them. :)

Em answered most of them! Good job!!

Think everyone had a great time but more importantly, my sister super enjoyed that night. SUCCESS!!! we deserve a medal.

Mandatory group shot!

I love you my dear sister!!! :)

til the next party planning,
Queen Marie

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