Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weee for Wee Nam Kee

Heard they serve the best chicken rice according to some people. So Ilene and I decided to visit the place one day!

If you're expecting an air conditioned restaurant with table cloths, you won't find that here in Thompson Road.

The view. Tables and chairs along the street, and the inside looks like a normal food eatery in Chinatown in the Philippines.

View from across the street. As you can see, it's already packed with people. And it's not even lunch time yet!

Roasted or Steamed???? Ilene and I ordered a set with both =)

The sauce / condiments selection!!! LOVE IT!!!

Ilene got her favorite chili ginger sauce!!! (Although for her it lacked ginger a bit)

And I got my PLAIN old ginger! Usually stalls selling roasted chicken etc don't serve this...happy!!!!

Ilene - Left, Marie - Right

By the way, this was our view, the garbage bin where they throw away left overs. See the crow getting one of the pieces? Haha

Free soup is also served. If you are familiar with the soup from Masuki, it tastes kind of like that.

Finally our order came!!!! Roasted and Steamed Chicken combi for 8sgd!

We each got a cup of rice (the rice is so fluffy and fragrant! Yum!) 0.50sgd for each.

I don't know if you see it clearly BUT the chicken meat is really thick, unlike the others who give you small portions.

Ilene also ordered the Barley drink (1.5sgd). Not my favorite, but she enjoyed it. Tastes like the Am from rice. Cleanses your palette I guess, after eating the food.

As you can see we are almost done eating but I just wanted to show you the meat! Usually the steamed one has no flavor, but Wee Nam Kee's is soooooo tasty and juicy! Actually, you won't really need the condiments with it because the chicken is already flavorful enough!

THE CHICKEN WAS AWESOME. Not yet sure if this is the best. But what I'm sure of is that we will visit this place again soon. Blogging about it wants me to go there right now haha

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