Saturday, April 9, 2011

Theme Park

Hello Universal Studios!

This was a random-impulse-sporadic trip to universal! We went straight to the roller coasters since we both are fans of thrill rides! But before we can ride the coaster we have to deposit our things in their high-tech locker system!
not your average locker
see why..
step one to step 4
We rode both the coasters 3 times...each! We love the blue one since it was the scarier one but after 3 times it was no big deal for us anymore!

hello coasters
We had hotdogs for lunch.. not happy with mine!
$11.50 each
Went to one of the biggest candy shop i saw.. and cam-whored
we love candies and chocolates
also went to the pseudo new york city
yaya 1 and yaya 2

Went to kingdom far far away as well..

Found this signage uber cute :)
6 flags wait for us!!

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  1. wow!!! kainggit! hehe how did you guys spent Ilen's bday?