Friday, October 28, 2011

Herbs & Spices: Italian meets Indian

With the girls again for our weekly Friday dinner. Bernice suggested to have Italian and she found this place near bugis area. It was called Tintine but it was renamed to Herbs & Spices.

It's not really a fusion restaurant since they don't mix cuisines. But they serve both Indian and Italian dishes. Weird but one of a kind.

We all had Italian. Ilene got spinach risotto with jumbo prawns (38sgd). Story behind this is that she only ordered the normal prawn one for 20sgd but the hostess offered the jumbo ones. She went for it and later just realized she had to top up 18sgd more. It was worth it though since the prawns were really big.

Bernice had her alio olio pasta with normal sized prawns (13sgd). It wasn't the best one she had according to her but it was okay. Amici in Manila is still her top choice.

I had the spaghetti marina (20sgd) which was baked in parchment paper. Ilene said it looked like a giant garlic bulb when it was served. I actually ordered this because I saw a review in a blog and sounded cool. It was quite good. Sauce was flavorful. The dish had 4 prawns, 1 scallop, 3 clams, 2 mussels and some pieces of squid so it was really worth it.

Including some photos of our costumes tomorrow too :) before dinner we took out all the props we bought/made. Woot!!

Using blogger app so photos are scrambled. Gah.

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