Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prawning Adventure!

Having run out of activities to do, Marie suggested that we go prawning at Punggol. The idea came from a colleague of hers, as prawning is a pastime among Singaporeans. And so the three of us went prawn fishing on a Saturday afternoon, thinking that we'd catch enough prawns to enjoy a nice, barbecued dinner. I read somewhere that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, only eats food that he has hunted for himself. This is because he wants to be reminded that a living creature had to die in order for him to live. We were all inspired by this so we carried on with the challenge!

The prawning rate ranges from SGD 15-30 for 1-3 hours of prawn fishing time. We took the 2-hour package with the rod and earthworm bait provided. Their friendly Filipino staff helped us with the cutting and hooking of the bait. We were officially in business (of fishing prawns)!

L-R: Earthworm bait; Slicing the worms

We caught a total of 8 prawns after 2 hours of prawning. That was pathetic by prawning standards so much so that the staff there took pity on us and gave us a prawn which he'd caught. Ilene caught the most prawns followed by Marie, then myself. We decided to just take our sad prawns home and cook it some other time.

L-R: Marie's first catch; Ilene's new calling in life: prawning; Me, still with no catch after 1 hour

Did you know that prawns have pincers? We were surprised to find them on some of the (few) prawns that we have caught. Their blasted pincer were in the way while removing the hook but we were able to outsmart the prawn by pinning its pincers down with our trusty slipper!

Until our next adventure!



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