Saturday, October 8, 2011

Waffle factory

Blogging and eating via blogger app :)

With Ilene and Bernice now at Waffle Factory - which for me is the level up version of our waffle time stalls.

It's a small shop in the sing post building which Bernz suggested. Ilene and I passed by this place before when we were still bums. So it's nice to finally try the place.

They offer waffles with different fillings - both sweet and savory. They have cheese, egg, chicken, etc. Then for the sweet which I love, they have fresh fruits, nutella, choc chips and peanut butter.

These are our orders:
Ilene - orange, hazelnut and chocolate. 1.8 sgd
Bernz - fresh blueberries and chocolate. 2 sgd
Me - peanut butter chocolate chip. 1.5 sgd

Lovely snack for a rainy Saturday afternoon. :)

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