Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tanjong Katong part 1

Since I have a Korean sister in law, she has introduced me to her rich and colorful culture but the most important aspect that she shared to me was of course Korean food. I love it when she cooks for us especially those non-mainstream dishes like the japchae, bulgogi and bibimbap.
Aside from her home cooked meals, she also cooks instant noodles for us! For the first two noodles, we like to add egg so that the soup wont be too spicy. The 3rd noodle is like pancit canton version but with black bean sauce. This is my favorite among the three!

My top 3 instant Korean noodles
So when we went to Tanjong Katong, a friend suggested to try the Korean restaurant there and so we did! The place is called Full House Korean Restaurant (Yes I believe it is named after the popular korean drama) I love the appetizers that they serve but the most important part of it's a buffet!)
my appetizer plate

I ordered a non-instant black bean noodle. It was really delicious, the noodle was very chewy if im not mistaken it is made from potato starch. I was not able to take photos of Marie's bibimbap @$13 and Bernice's Jjol-Men @$13
Jajangmyeon @ $12
Full House Korean Restaurant
336 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437109
Tel: 63446244
Open Daily: 12pm – 11pm

After dinner we decided to have drinks at Big Bad Wolf. We ordered two rounds.
Marie: Hoegaarden and Lindeman's Cherry( Kriek-refreshing lambic beers brewed with real fruits)
Lindeman's Cherry beer @ $9

Bernice: Lindeman's Cherry beer and Palm Beer (Belgium's favorite amber beer - light caramel malt with crisp hoppy finish)

Palm beer @ 12

Ilene: Hoegaarden and Rocchefort (belgium trappist beer with notes of figs,raisins & plums, hoppy finish)
Rochefort @ $13
Us with our drinks :) Btw, we our friend He Who Shall Not be Named having dinner as well! It was a fun night spying on him haha

226 Tanjong Katong Rd
Singapore 437015

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