Friday, October 14, 2011

EWF: Lamb Burger

Stopped over for dinner before meeting B :) alone time mode!

Decided to try Everything With Fries which is located at Orchard Central Mall. Same people who own Awfully Chocolate - so they serve their cupcakes here too!

Didn't order the meal (which has the fries) though haha I got myself their lamb burger :) it's 6.90 SGD for the sandwich. Very affordable if you ask me.

I give this place two thumbs up!! The burger was very juicy - cooked medium / medium rare. You can really taste the lamb flavor which I loooove!!

I'm a condiments type of girl so I had to eventually put my ketchup and mustard. Surprisingly the ketchup brought out the lamb flavor more!

And when you get to the middle, there's this block of cheese which is a lovely surprise to the palate.

Can't wait to try their other burgers next time! Woot!!

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