Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drinks and More: Part 1

Time to revive our blog again!

Been 4 months so it will be very difficult to recap everything that had happened.

This one will be all about the places where you can get alcohol and fun!

Disclaimer: Singapore is not the right place if you want to get a hang over - unless you've got cash to spare.

1) Filter Members Club
1 Nanson Road, Beside Gallery Hotel, Singapore

Went with Ilene, Bernice and Karen that night. That night we got free drinks from friends so can't really tell how much was the damage. But what's nice about this place is that the crowd is nice - "filtered" in a sense. Although some girls act like they're drunk to get attention - very annoying.

2) Lantern Bar
Rooftop Bar at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Three nights of bar hopping with the girls, this is the second night after Filter. Went to Lantern Bar where you get to have the most wonderful view of the city.

I ordered their mojito, which was quite nice. Bernice got the Rose. One drink costs around 20sgd++. But we met some pinoy waiters who got us another round for free! Thanks Jose and Rizal (seriously, that's their names!)

3) Attica Bar
Clark Quay, Singapore

The night of over the top makeup and more - LIPS LASHES and SHADOWS Galore!

It was our Girls' Night Out - with some dancing. Went to Attica Bar after going around Clark Quay. Can't even remember why we chose this place but maybe because we got in for free haha

This bar had different sections, one for hiphop, one for trance/house. The crowd wasn't that nice though. One of us even had a moment with a Korean looking guy and some ass touching - I won't mention who that girl is hahaha

4) Does Your Mother Know
41 Neil Road, Singapore

Love them gays - and this is one of their spots. Does Your Mother Know (witty name for a bar) is a chill place if you just want to chat and drink. Beer costs around 15sgd.

5) Soul
331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers, Singapore

Probably the worst club we've been to here in Singapore. At 1am - there's no one there! Literally we were just around 15 people in that club that night hahaha I don't know if this is how it is there every night but man was that club lonely. They've got 5sgd beers though - so that's our consolation.

6) Pump Room
Clark Quay, Singapore

Beers and A Band - lovely combination. They perform new songs from Bruno mars to some reggae music from the olden days. Nice place to hang if you want to chill after a busy day from work and some light dancing on the side :)

Will continue this list some other day - just realizing i had my share of booze while I was here haha

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