Saturday, August 16, 2014

Potato Head SG: Burgers

Burgers. I've always loved a good burger. Juicy ones! Plus I love ketchup, which is a match made in heaven. 

So for this Friday's lunch, Guy decided to go to Potato Head's burger joint. 

Such a quaint place. Always loved the art of their interiors. Bali was still the best. But the one here in Singapore was cool as well - very hipster and avant-garde. 

Walls were filled with quirky hand-painted  designs - my favorite was the Pinocchio one with the 2 characters in pleasure island. And somehow all the furnitures and accessories don't belong with each other but matches in a way. Organized chaos. 

Menu was quite sharp and simple. Just burgers and a hotdog. And choice of sides. 

I got the Baby Huey. And I really enjoyed it - which is their standard cheese burger. First time that I didn't load up my burger with ketchup! So that's a good sign! Oh and this place makes their own homemade ketchup and chili. I still like the bottled one better, but what they have is tasty as well. 

Serving portion is for a regular guy. Couldn't finish mine. But it was delish. Loved the caramelized onion too!

Closed the meal with a cup of latte. I like how  they pay attention to details - the diagonally angled spoon against the folded serviette. Shows how they planned out everything. 

9/10 for me. :)

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